This is Where I Stand

What makes you the most qualified candidate for Urban County Council from your District?

Because, I served in the United States Navy aboard the USS Thorn DD-988 on a Spruance Class Destroyer and was part of the Six Fleet. I believe the voice of the people to govern and make city government work. I am very actively engaged with the public and like people. Also. I am a college senior at the University of Kentucky and understand families and want to keep family together. I am going to become a Nurse Assistant and want people to stay well. I have just completed a 4 year term as a Environmental Commissioner and want to live in a safe in environment. I have had some security training as a civilian and as a Navy Seaman and believe that all lives matter. I am the most qualified candidate, because I want to make sure that everyone’s needs are met and that everybody has food, water, and shelter. If all these things I have mentioned are hard to accomplish within the community we will come up with a solution that everybody agrees on, and let the community to be self sustaining.

What do you see as the highest priority issue facing your district, and how will you address it?

The highest priorities is the increase of shootings and that I will closely talk with the Police Chief and get his by in and get his expertise to get things done. I would like new Police Recruits to be experts in de escalation and crises intervention and that all Trainees have high levels of training and have higher grades. Furthermore, we need to address the problems of our infrastructure and reduce traffic flow and carbon dioxide going into the air and have a work release program for grounds keepers from the jail to help out with city road sides pickup trash and have environmental study classes. Also, I would ask that Law Enforcement Officers in my district to be more stricter on drunken driving. Basically, make our communities safer and balance the budget.

A primary purpose of the Urban Service Boundary is to permit new development within Lexington while safeguarding rural areas. As our population increases, this Boundary is continually challenged by the desire for development and the need for housing and public facilities. How would you protect the balance between urban growth and rural protection and preservation?

The first thing we need to do is repair the structures that need to be repaired and decide what building need to be torn down. This will allow more housing opportunities that is affordable to working poor. I would like to see adequate housing even for the homeless while keeping our historical structures intact. I would like to see people live closer to the downtown area. If we can slow down the growth of city by down sizing and make a little more room in in our downtown area inside the circle. Once our technically increases the city can start expanding again and create different sections within each district that would allow for more green spaces, trash pick-up, new structures, grocery stores, access to clean water, Basically, only expand what the city needs.. I don’t want my district too crowded.

Many citizens in the region lack private transportation and rely on accessible, reliable, safe, and affordable public transportation. What measures do you support to meet the needs of a growing population in Lexington, Fayette County and adjacent counties that requires public transportation for jobs, medical care, groceries, and other needs?

The best way to improve transportation of our growing population is to expand LuxTran and help have less vehicles on the road. This would create less carbon dioxide in the air and reduce noise pollution. This would create more jobs and LuxTran would be able to provide more services if we expand the bus routes. Furthermore, they can reduce the fare, so that ridership could increase. Also, have more programs for low income people and better access to public transportation. Moreover, taxi cabs could reduce their fares a little and make it easier for people to travel. Basically, reduce the price of public transportation and expand to make more revenue.. The more riders you have would mean more money into our cities economy. The more revenue would be circulating.

Crime rates, including violent crime, are increasing in our community. Some cities address youth crime using trauma-informed systems that go beyond incarceration and attend to the core of violence by providing rehabilitation and support that address mental health and trauma-abuse history. How would you work to build and fund such holistic programs?

I would have a Volunteer Police Department that would be working along side with the paid Law Enforcement Officers that could reduce man hours and allow the city to spend less on police protection, like Volunteer Fire Fighter’s, and the police would have the same training. All that would be paid for is their training, equipment, meals, and uniforms. Then if spots open up they can be paid as a Law Enforcement Officers at different pay grades that open up. I think we need to focus on being community centered and that each district needs to be more self-sustaining and I would have well trained organized neighborhood watches to help assist the different Law Environment Agencies and the safety of the community means everyone in our district’s together as a whole. The only way the to reduce crime for Law Enforcement Officers to get to know the community and talk with people more and help troubled kids and young adult when it is safe in plain clothes. The police can use neighborhoods with gangs to keep peace on the right side of the law.

Lack of affordable housing and its connection to poverty, crime, poor physical and mental health, and poor educational outcomes is well-documented. In Lexington, thousands of families pay more than 50% of their income on rent, while others live in substandard housing or are homeless. What measures do you support to address affordable housing in the community?

I feel that landlords are taking advantage of the poor. They are fixing up their property and this causes renters who are poor to end up homeless and have to move to poorer neighborhoods. Also as rent goes up the families have to decide weather they are going to pay for medication or food. Oftentimes, the poor end up getting evicted and have to spend their savings on a cheap motel and the Sheriffs Department has to serve papers on them and they end up homeless. Everybody should have the right to affordable housing. Also, a lot the lower income people are effected by lead poison and need repairs on their home, because the landlord does not fix up their property. I feel there should be laws what what landlords can not and can do. Also, make it easier for low income people to own a home.

What I Believe

I have lived in Lexington for many years and this has been my home. Lexington Fayette County has many farms and is the horse capital of the world. Also, Lexington has many parks and green spaces. The 11th District has diverse cultures and ethnic groups. I am running for the 11th District, because I want to make this community the best place to live and to call home. I want to create jobs and create better housing options for everyone who want to buy a home. Then to make this community a safe place to live and grow. Basically, to decrease poverty, raise the wage, better housing options, more chances for people to own a business, and more green spaces. I want to bring this community together and be self-sustainable.

The first thing I would do is to make sure that everyone has adequate housing. Find ways for landlords to decrease the rent. I would work on having more educational programs for all ages learning job skills. Also, have more programs for the homeless who have alcohol and drug addiction. Have better communication with apartment renters and landlords. Also, have incentives for landlords to prevent homelessness by reducing the cost for rent. Moreover, find someway for landlords to allow renters to remain in there apartment and have Social Workers to go out in the field and help apartment renters to find a alternative place to live. Basically, no one needs to end up homeless and should have a place to live.

By parting with organizations like, Lexington Habitat Humanities, and other nonprofits, and realtors who would help people buy their first home that would help realtors create homeownership that would be marketable. This would mean that we would have a task force to go out in the communities of Lexington Fayette County to explore how to reduce housing costs and have away for cheaper mortgages and how long it would take to pay off a home loans. Also, Lexington Fayette Urban County Government would be involved as well. Basically, to find away for first time buyers to be able to own a home and come to the table to talk about housing cost that would be acceptable to everyone. Then to find away to reduce the interest rates as well to make it more economical to buy a home.

Family History

I was born on December 24, 1960 in Louisville, Kentucky at the Norton Hospital. My Mother is now in heaven and died in May of 1996 from smoking with complications in her lungs. My Dad passed away in August of 2011 in Texas.  When I was six my Dad left my Mother and gained custody of my Sister and I. My Sister was born in 1965 and then a year later we moved to Harrodsburg Kentucky with my Aunt Mary and my Grandmother Mary. I lived with my Aunt Mary and my Grandmother for 2 years in Harrodsburg, Kentucky. Then at 8 years old my Dad remarried and we moved to Lexington, Kentucky to be with my Stepmother. After living in Lexington for 2 years we moved to Darien, Connecticut resulting from my Dads knew job with the telephone company. My Dad worked for General Telephone and Electronics and commuted to New York city everyday to his job. Then later on the company moved to Stamford, Connecticut and now this was a better situation for my Dad. After, the company moved to Stamford my Dad had more time for us and was glad he did not have commute to his job anymore in New York City. We moved to Darien, Connecticut around 1971 and I was in the third grade and was a student at Holmes School and I was at the age of 11 years old. Then my Brother was born on April of 1970 in Lexington, Kentucky from my Dads second marriage. I lived in Connecticut about eight years and enlisted in the United states Navy at the age of 18 years old. I went to Navy Boot Camp at Great Lakes Illinois and went to the fleet and became a Plankowner aboard the USS Thorn DD-88 home-ported in Charleston South Carolina. While in the Navy I worked toward getting my GED and then after my enlistment was over I moved to Dallas, Texas and moved back home with my parents. I enlisted in the Navy on 14JUN1979 and had a wonderful tour of duty. Then I served in the inactive reserves from 1983 to 1985 and completed my obligation to the Navy. I went to many places and saw many things. Then one day I decided to get on Greyhound Bus and move back to Lexington, Kentucky with my Mother. I came back to Lexington in August of 1987 and was at the age of 27 years old. I have lived in Lexington, Kentucky ever since that time. Now, I am part-time student at the University of Kentucky for this Fall Semester 2022 in the Family Science Program with a Minor in Environmental Studies and taking a Family Science course as a college senior this semester. Also, I have been a Bluegrass Community and Technical College (BCTC) student and two math classes away from graduating with an Associates of Arts Degree with focus in Social Work. Moreover, I like higher learning very much and have been working very hard as a college student through the years.  Also, I have earned a Medicaid Nurse Aide Certificate on May 9, 2021 and have earned 3 credit hour’s and now have my first prerequisite to be a Registered Nurse (RN) at BCTC.  This being said, last July 31 received another Nurse Aide Certificate from Emergency Medical Training Professionals, Inc. and now in the process of being accepted on the Kentucky Nurse Aide Registry and will be taking the written part of the Exam soon. Also, I go to NAMI meetings and volunteer at Lexington V.A. Medical Center as a Escort/Patient Transport person and many other things as well.