The Technological Age of Politics and Priorities

Most politicians use the Media in their campaigns to hold public offices.  I have a mixture of political ideologies in social work ideas.  However, I lean more towards being radical in nature and believe with some of the ideas of Karl Marx.  Yet, I am an American and believe in Democracy.  I cannot understand why early radicals in the field of social work were falsely accused of being communist or believing in McCarthyism.  This disturbs me and frightens me.  Moreover, by keeping a balance with your political ideologies and understanding the big picture of social work you can begin to solve problems in society.  Politicians wants the American people to understand their vision for our country and want you to vote for them.  In addition, it helps to be more knowledgeable about political issues, because it affects us all.  A long time ago most presidents did not use the media to hold public office.  But, now things have changed in America and the world we live in today.  Politicians are now using the media to become closer to the American people.  This is true because technology has revolutionized the world.  The age of information and the way we communicate allows us to be closer.  The American could not do without the freedom of the press to give us our news.  The freedom of the press is global and affect us all in this world.  The mass media must get the news out and not reveal their sources.  The freedom of the press is mentioned in the Constitution of the United States of America.  I look at the credit ability of the media and decide what to believe and how I should respond.  Social learning can make us to learn from the media and that people may want to know more.  Then that the media may not be telling the truth, or the media may not be reliable.  In some things the public has a need to know.  Nevertheless, the public does not know sometimes, and the media is expected to censor their sources because of political reason from our government.  The media is very important for us and keeps us informed about what is going on in the world.  I do know you cannot get away from the media.  Unless you are living in some remote area in the world and do not have the latest technology.  Basically, exercise your right as an American to vote and keep our Democracy alive and well.

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