Recovery is Possible and the Expectation

I want to get the word out that recovery is possible and the expectation. That there is hope and that people with mental illness can live productive lives. Furthermore, the need to educate the public about mental illness and stamp out stigma. Moreover, to help my peers have better mental health and that they can learn how to reach their full potential and be happy about their successes, hopes and dreams. Then to change laws when there is a need for a call to action. Basically, I want to achieve better treatment, better social rights, better human rights, better health care, better housing and have their basic needs met. I have mental illness and want to help my peers with their recovery process and want to help my peers learn, work, live and be part of communities. Also, I believe that people with mental illness can voice their concerns to their government officials who change laws and that their voice can be heard. I look at myself as the ambassador of recovery and to end stigma by being an advocate of those who have mental illness.

I am an Adult Kentucky Peer Support Specialist, Facilitator, IOOV Presenter, Warm_Line Peer Supporter, and on the Leadership Team with the Participation Station with NAMI. Also, I am an Family Science student at the University of Kentucky. Furthermore, I am a Commissioner of the Environmental Commission with the Lexington Fayette Urban County Government for a 4-year term appointment. Moreover, I am involved with our local Law Enforcement Agencies.   I am now working towards an Bachelors of Family Science with a Minor in Environmental Science from the recommendations from my Social Work academic advisors.  This sounds like a new opportunity with my educational goals as a student.   Also, I have been a Volunteer with UK Health Care and have been a volunteer many other places as well.

I help with fundraising events with the Lexington Police Department and the University of Kentucky Police Department and help Police Officers Families when they are in need. Also, I have designed my own political website and have skills and have done a lot of  public service work.  Furthermore, I have experience in Law enforcement training and have served in the United State Navy as a Seaman aboard the USS Thorn DD-988 as part of the original crew on a Spruance Class Destroyer. My favorite job was helmsman on the bridge of the ship.  I have some computer skills connected with school work as a student. Furthermore, I like to write and take pictures in my spare time as well. I have been taking trips on Greyhound Bus and have been able to plan my adventures. Then I have been taking continuing education classes and have earn a lot of CEU Credits. Moreover, I am sponsoring five children from Mexico, DCR Congo, Bangladesh, Bangladesh and the other one is from Cambodia with World Vision, and I serve as an advocate for children as a Child Ambassador as well. This summer I went on a mission trip to Mexico and visited my sponsored child from Mexico.  Also, I have done things with the Kentucky Refugee Ministries, and the Hope Center helping the homeless.  Furthermore, serve on the Housing Committee with the NAACP now getting involed with the Mental Health Court with NAMI.






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