Community and Unity is The Way To Go

When I was a Seaman aboard the USS Thorn DD-988 this was a good experience for me. I showed that, I could be a responsible Sailor aboard this ship. My favorite job was being the helmsman on the bridge aboard this ship.  While growing up as a young teenager I worked many jobs and was able to earn my own pocket money.  Furthermore, I am currently a student at the University of Kentucky with the College of Agriculture Food, and Environment.  I will be working towards graduating from UK with a BA in Family Science with Minor in Environmental Science.   Also, I have done volunteer work with UK Health Care and starting to be more involved in my community doing things.  Moreover, I am a new member of the NAACP and do things with the Kentuckians of the Commonwealth.  This being said, I have accepted a job working for Morrison Health Care as a Cook Food Service Worker at the UK Hospital and like this new job very much.  

Also, I regularly attend Council Meetings at City Hall and have spoken during Public Comments.  I am accountable and responsible person to the people, because I have good morals and want to get things done.  Moreover, I do not put off tomorrow of things that can be done today.  Furthermore, I accept people who are different than me.  I am open-minded to what people have to say and will and have excellent leadership skills. Moreover, I believe the voice of the people to govern in making our Democracy work.

Furthermore, I am  a appointed Commissioner with the Lexington Fayette Urban County Government serving on the Environmental Commission for a four-year term.  Moreover, I will serve the public honorably and will carry out my responsibilities to the best of my ability as a Commissioner.  Moreover, I am honored to be accepted to this position and like being involved in  the Lexington community.  Also, I have been a write in Mayor Candidate for the City of Lexington, Kentucky for the General Elections 2018.

Touring Mexico Traveling Down a Mountain From Mextla

My Mission Trip to Mexico Traveling down From a Mountain:

Touring Mexico City With my Guide

Mexican National Athem

U.S. Presidential Anthem:  Hail to the Chief

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