About Crime and Homelessness

What is it like to be homeless and not have your basic needs met?  All you are thinking about is food, water, shelter, and wearing clean cloths.  Here is an historical account of what it is like to be homeless walking the streets.  This has happened to me a couple of times in my life.  When I was homeless years back around 2005 my mind was playing tricks on me.  The weather was very cold, and you are freezing like a pop-sickle.  Then you are problem solving how to find shelter to keep warm.  However, you hit rock bottom and don’t know how to get out of your situation and your thoughts begin to race like it is in slow motion.   Furthermore, I have spent one night at the Hope Center and was sleeping on a thin mat on the floor with blanket to keep you warm.  The cold draft coming from the doors and homeless men fast asleep while I stayed awake.   I was starting not to be stable and was starting go into a manic phase, because of the lack of sleep.  Now, I am not homeless and live in my own apartment with all my needs met.  Moreover, I am living a comfortable life and seem to be very happy with myself.  There needs to more drop in centers for the homeless and more shelters for people to keep warm.  The biggest problem of being homeless is having mental illness and being at risk of not having access to shelter.  I think there should be trained Social Work students who would operate drop-in centers under supervision of the University of Kentucky to help the homeless and individuals who are dealing with server mental illness. Also, as an Environmental Commisssioner (LFUCG).  I would like to see more social workers who could help assist first responders at the scene to take control of the situation.  Basically, have more interaction with local law enforcement agencies and city government to help the homeless to get the help that they need.






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